Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of common questions that our clients ask us. If you need more information don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

If you are the original owner of the vehicle, then the first thing to do is look for your bill of sale. Most commonly, auto dealers will list the key codes on the bill of sale, which makes replacement as easy as a trip to the dealership.

Over time, the pins inside a lock go through wear and tear as keys rub against them. As they erode, you'll notice that the lock gets harder and harder to open or close. At these early signs, it's best to go ahead and either re-key or replace the lock.

While spraying with WD-40 is a good idea for door locks, it is not intended for vehicle use and can actually do more damage than good. Call us and we'll help find a working solution for your difficult car door locks.

Members of the 123 Ace Lock & Key team are well-trained in using the Slim Jim, a tool designed to open vehicle doors. However, modern auto technology has made the Slim Jim less useful and we'll need to use other means to enter your car.

Some locksmith companies may advise you to change the locks, but 123 Ace Lock & Key has a better solution. By simply re-keying the existing locks and then making key copies, we'll save you a considerable amount of money without sacrificing security.

While most people start using their original keys immediately after installation of a new lock, this is actually a mistake. Original keys will fit the lock better than any others, so they should always be kept aside and only used to make copies.

When Quality Matters Call 417-455-6262 For The Best Locksmiths At The Best Price.

We travel up to 60-mile radius of Joplin, this takes about an 1 hour and will probably be cheaper, faster and more efficient than your local locksmith. It will not hurt to call us for a quote! in most cases we can save you money!


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